2021 Winter Recital Guide

Tis the season for dance!

The dancers and their instructors have been hard at work in the studio, like little elves in their workshop, to bring you some holiday cheer! Our annual Winter Recital is our favorite winter tradition – with festive outfits and dances that celebrate Christmas, winter and the holiday season. Tickets are on sale now.


Saturday, December 18th
2:00-2:30 dancer arrival time
3:00 show time
(abbreviated class schedule 12/18)


Wheaton Academy
900 Prince Crossing Road
West Chicago, IL 60185


$15 Adult
$10 Child (18 & under)
(under 3 free)
(dancers do not need tickets)

Important Recital Details


  • Tickets are available for purchase online
  • Dancers in the show do not need tickets

Ticket Prices

  • $15 Adult
  • $10 Child and Senior
  • Kids under 3 free

Location and Parking

The Winter Recital will be held at Wheaton Academy (900 Prince Crossing Rd, West Chicago, IL 60185)
Ample parking is available directly to the west of the theater

Mask Policy

We are currently under a mask mandate. Masks are required for all staff, dancers, and audience members.

Dancers: What to bring, what to wear

What to bring

  • All dance shoes
  • All Recital costumes (if in multiple routines, please arrive wearing your first costume)
  • All Recital tights and accessories
  • Water bottle
  • Makeup for touchup if in multiple acts (optional)
  • A mask

What to wear

  • Masks are required during Winter Recital
  • Your first recital costume and tights if applicable
  • Hair and makeup completed before arrival
  • Arrive wearing street shoes, change to dance shoes after entering the theater
  • No additional jewelry, watches, or nail polish

Check-in Procedure

Dancers check-in between 2:00 and 2:30

  • Dancers should stop by the check-in desk upon arrival
  • After check-in, the dancers will be taken downstairs by a staff member
  • Dancers will stay in the holding area with their class until their performance
  • For all age 8 and under classes, there will be a dedicated class chaperone for the entirety of their time backstage

If your dancer is not performing in the first act

  • Check-in upon arrival
  • Your dancer may sit with you until intermission then proceed back to the check-in table

During the Show

Audience Etiquette

  • No food or drink is allowed in the auditorium
  • No flash photography or videotaping allowed
  • Please wait for the time between each dance if you need to enter or exit the theater
  • Clap and cheer loudly! We all here to support, encourage, and celebrate these amazing young people!
  • Be positive and refrain from negative comments – you never know if there is a dancer or family member sitting nearby

Changing Costumes & Dressing Rooms

  • Dancers in multiple classes should wear a base layer (leotard) underneath to facilitate quick and easy costume changes without the need of a dressing room
  • If a dancer requires a dressing room to change, the dressing rooms are located towards the backstage entrance at the end of the hall on the left
  • Parents may assist costume changes if necessary, but should not remain backstage
  • Teachers and class chaperones are present to help younger classes change shoes

Dismissal Procedure

  • At the end of each act, all dancers in that act will take a bow
  • Classes will be dismissed one at a time beginning with the youngest class
  • Class chaperones will guide the class through the backstage area up to the check-in table
  • Please remain in your seats until your dancer’s class is announced, then proceed to the check-in table to pick them up

Abbreviated Saturday Class Schedule 12-18

Ms. Samantha’s Classes

Parent and Tot9:30-10:00
2-3 Dance Discovery10:00-10:30
3-4 Ballet & Tap10:30-11:00
4-5 Ballet & Tap11:00-11:30
6-8 Ballet11:30-12:00

Ms. Takara’s Classes

AP Ballet B/C10:00-11:00
Ballet Variations11:00-11:30
AP Pointe11:30-12:00

Performance Schedule

Act 1

AP Ballet – B/C WedMs. Takara
9+ BalletMs. Dani
2-3 Dance DiscoveryMs. Samantha
AP Ballet – AMs. Takara
4-5 Jazz & TapMs. Dani
Parent & Tot (Walking – 3 years)Ms. Samantha
13+ Contemporary / JazzMs. Dani
AP Hip-Hop – AMr. Rich
9+ TapMr. Marty
6-8 Hip-HopMs. Dani
AP Tap – BMr. Marty

Act 2

AP Jazz – A/BMr. Zada
6-8 Ballet & Jazz – Ballet DanceMs. Dani
4-5 Ballet & Tap – Tap DanceMs. Samantha
9+ Contemporary/ModernMr. Zada
3-4 Hip-Hop & TapMs. Dani
AP Tap – AMr. Marty
13+ Hip-HopMs. Dani
4-5 Ballet & Tap – Ballet DanceMs. Samantha
6-8 Ballet & Jazz – Jazz DanceMs. Dani
AP Hip-Hop – BMr. Rich

Act 3

AP PointeMs. Takara
3-4 Ballet & TapMs. Samantha
9+ Jazz & Hip-Hop – Jazz DanceMs. Dani
AP Ballet – B/C SatMs. Takara
6-8 TapMr. Rich
6-8 BalletMs. Samantha
AP Tap Repertory – A/BMr. Marty
9+ Jazz & Hip-Hop – Hip-Hop DanceMs. Dani
4-5 Hip-HopMr. Rich
AP Modern / Contemporary A/BMr. Zada

Costumes, Hair and Makeup


Winter Recital costumes are simple and festive, with basic dancewear as a base and various accessories from home and the studio. There is no need to purchase new clothing items for the Winter Recital, simply find something in your closet that fits the color scheme and theme on the table below.

Parent & TotMs. SamanthaAnything holiday- dress, top and skirt, top and pants, jumpsuit, etc. Prints OK, graphics OK. Green, red, white.
2-3 Dance DiscoveryMs. SamanthaSnow, snowflake, or snowman theme. Dress or separate top and skirt or tutu, white or silver as main color. Image or prints of snowflake or snowman OK. White tights. Any color shorts over tights under skirt. Pink ballet slippers. Hair pulled back. White hair accessory optional.
3-4 Ballet & TapMs. SamanthaBlack tap shoes, hair pulled back. Black leggings, white socks. Top and skirt or tutu OR dress. White or silver color scheme, sequins or sparkles encouraged.
3-4 Hip-Hop & TapMs. DaniJeans and Red Shirt
4-5 Ballet & TapMs. SamanthaAny holiday themed dress or top/skirt combo. Green or red. Solid color, holiday print or image OK. Dress or skirt no longer than knees. Black tights or leggings under dress. If tights, black shorts over tights under skirt. Tap will be first- black tap shoes. Bring pink ballet shoes for them to change into. Hair pulled back- optional holiday color hair accessory.
4-5 Hip-HopMr. RichBlack leggings or pants, Red shirt, winter cap
4-5 Jazz & TapMs. DaniBlack Pants, White Shirts, Hats, gloves, and scarves of students’ choice
6-8 BalletMs. SamanthaAll white. White dress or white top and skirt. Can be solid white or have light pattern but no large graphic, image, or text. Sparkles OK. White tights. Pink ballet slippers. Hair in high center bun.
6-8 Jazz & Ballet (Ballet Dance)Ms. DaniHoliday dress or skirts/top of students choice. With tights and leotard or tights and shorts underneath. Holiday dresses that you would wear to a holiday get together are great.
6-8 Jazz & Ballet (Jazz Dance)Ms. Dani Holiday dress or skirts/top of students choice. With tights and leotard or tights and shorts underneath. Holiday dresses that you would wear to a holiday get together are great.
6-8 Hip-HopMs. DaniJeans and Green Shirt, holiday themed shirts are great as long as base color is green + winter hats, gloves, scarves of students choice. Make sure scarves are tied so they stay in place when dancing.
6-8 TapMr. RichBlack leggings, green shirt, silly Christmas socks
9+ BalletMs. DaniBlack leotard, red long sleeve shirt, pink tights
9+ Contemporary/ModernMr. ZadaPJ’s
9+ Jazz & Hip-Hop (Jazz Dance)Ms. DaniRed Shirt, black pants, Jazz Shoes
9+ Jazz & Hip-Hop (Hip-Hop Dance)Ms. DaniRed Shirt, black pants, Clean Sneakers
9+ TapMr. MartyBlack leggings or pants, Green shirt
13+ Contemporary/JazzMs. DaniCozy sweaters long sleeves, black pants of your choice
13+ Hip-HopMs. DaniJeans and a sweatshirt of dancers choice
AP Ballet – AMs. TakaraBlack Camisole or Tank Leotard, Pink tights, Black ballet skirt
AP Ballet – B/C SatMs. TakaraBlack Camisole or Tank Leotard, Pink tights, Black ballet skirt
AP Ballet – B/C WedMs. TakaraBlack Camisole or Tank Leotard, Pink tights, Black ballet skirt
AP PointeMs. TakaraBlack Camisole or Tank Leotard, Pink tights, Black ballet skirt
AP Hip-Hop – AMr. RichBlack baggy pants / sweat pants, white shirt, winter cap
AP Hip-Hop – BMr. RichBlack baggy pants / sweat pants, black tank or t-shirt, unbutton flannel
AP Jazz – A/BMr. ZadaBlack leggings, scarf and gloves
AP Modern – A/BMr. ZadaPJ’s
AP Tap – AMr. MartyBlack leggings or pants, Peanuts Gang characters themed tops
AP Tap – B & Tap RepMr. MartyBlack leggings, red tops


  • Girls hair should be slicked back in a clean bun
  • Short hair may be worn down or slicked back
  • Boys hair should be tidy

Making a great looking bun is easy! Just follow this quick tutorial

Items Needed:

  • Hairnet
  • Bobby pins
  • Hairspray


Light stage makeup enhances the facial features and helps ensure faces are not washed out in the bright stage lights. While we do not endorse the use of makeup for young girls on a regular basis, stage makeup serves a specific purpose for dance performances and is highly encouraged.

Stage makeup is easy! Just follow this quick tutorial

Items Needed:

  • Foundation
  • Powder
  • Blush
  • Eyeliner 
  • Mascara
  • Lipstick

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to buy tickets?

  • Yes. 2 complimentary tickets are included with your enrollment for the SPRING recital. Winter recital, all audience members over age 3 need to purchase a ticket. Dancers dancing in the show do NOT need a ticket.
  • Click here to purchase tickets

What does my dancer wear? 

Can my dancer sit with me in the audience?

  • The show has 3 acts. If your dancer is NOT in that act, they can sit with you and watch the show! Before the act they ARE in, please bring your dancer to a designated check-in table in the auditorium lobby, and they will stay with a staff member backstage for the entirety of the show, and be released to you at that same check in table after the show.

Is there class on the day of the recital?

what if my dancer has a clothing or shoe change? 

  • Parents are welcome to assist their dancer with costume changes, but should not remain in the dressing area
  • Staff will assist with shoe changes

can I take pictures and videos during the show?

  • No flash photography during the show
  • Video taping is discouraged as the bright screen can be distracting to other audience members behind you