2023-2024 Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees Schedule

Annual Registration Fee

  • $35 per student due at registration
  • $60 maximum per family

Monthly Tuition Installment

  • Tuition is a yearly fee that is billed in equal monthly installments for your convenience – the installment is not based on the number of classes in a month
  • Installments are billed at registration and on the 15th of each month with auto-pay being run for the balance on the 1st of the month
  • The final tuition installment of the year is June 1st
  • The monthly installment cost is listed next to each class on our schedule page

Spring Recital Costume Fee

  • $110+tax per dancer per class
  • Billed in equal installments
  • Auto-drafted on the 1st of each month alongside monthly tuition installments

Recital Participation Fee

  • $125 per dancer ($100 for additional siblings)
  • Billed in equal installments
  • Auto-drafted on the 1st of each month alongside monthly tuition installments
  • Includes 4 complimentary tickets to recital (2 for Winter, 2 for Spring)
  • Pro-rated to $75 if joining after Winter Recital ($50 for additional siblings)

Payment Terms

Required Card On File

  • All clients are required to maintain a valid credit card on file in our auto-pay system
  • If tuition and fees are not paid by the 1st of the month, the card on file will be automatically charged for the account balance

Payment Types

  • Payment may be made ahead of the 1st of the month by cash, check, credit, debit, and ACH
  • Payment may be made in-person or online through the parent portal

Late Payment

  • Accounts not paid within terms are subject to an accruing 5% monthly finance charge until the balance is paid
  • Students with accounts past due may not be allowed to participate in classes until the balance is paid
  • Accounts more than 60 days past due may be submitted to collection services
  • A $35 fee will be applied to accounts for returned checks

Refunds / Tuition Credits

  • No refunds or credits issued for any classes missed.
  • If withdrawing from classes, clients must contact the front desk and complete a withdrawal form – no refunds issued for any payments made prior to completing the withdrawal form.
  • Tuition credits will be issued when a student initiates a class change, and the credits must be used within 1 year

Yearly Renewal

Rollover Registration

  • Students are automatically enrolled for the next season
  • Annual registration fee is charged via auto-pay on May 1st
  • To avoid being charged registration fee for the following year, complete rollover opt-out form before May 1st