Spring Recital Guide

Welcome to Flourish Fest: V.I.P.!

Flourish Fest is our annual Spring Recital, celebrating our students and the immense progress they have made throughout the year. The dancers have been building technique and learning new things all year long and are ready to strut their stuff!

This big, end of year show is something you do not want to miss. Feel free to invite friends and family – we’re all here to cheer your dancer on! Unlike sports where there are multiple games throughout the season, dancers work hard all year to build the skills to perform a few times. Let’s pack the house with raving fans for them!

Our students are ROCKSTARS! and we can’t wait to see them shine on stage!

Recital at-a-glance

Mandatory Dress Rehearsal / Picture Week

When: June 4th-9th (during regular class schedule)
Where: Flourish Dance Academy (455 Kehoe Blvd Suite 103, Carol Stream, IL 60188)


When: Saturday, June 11th 3:00-6:00 pm
Where: Wheaton Academy (900 Prince Crossing Rd, West Chicago, IL 60185)

Recital Day

Arrival Times

Dancers arrive 2:00-2:30 pm

  • Proceed to the check-in table located at the bottom of the stairs on the way to the dressing rooms (look for blue signs)
  • Please do NOT arrive earlier than 2:00 – you will not be allowed in the building before this time

House opens at 2:00

  • Audience members may enter the auditorium at this time

Check-in Procedure

Dancers check-in upon arrival

  • Dancers should stop by the check-in desk upon arrival (located downstairs)
  • After check-in, the dancers will be directed to their class holding area
  • Dancers will stay in the holding area with their class until their performance
  • For all age 8 and under classes, there will be a dedicated class chaperone for the entirety of their time backstage

If your dancer is not performing in the first act

  • Check-in upon arrival
  • Your dancer may sit with you until intermission then proceed back to the check-in table

During The Show

Audience Etiquette

  • No flash photography or videotaping allowed
  • Please wait for the time between each dance if you need to enter or exit the theater
  • Clap and cheer loudly! We all here to support, encourage, and celebrate these amazing young people!
  • Be positive and refrain from negative comments – you never know if there is a dancer or family member sitting nearby

Changing Costumes & Dressing Rooms

  • Dancers in multiple classes should wear a base layer (leotard) underneath to facilitate quick and easy costume changes without the need of a dressing room
  • If a dancer requires a dressing room to change, the dressing rooms are located towards the backstage entrance at the end of the hall on the left
  • Parents may assist costume changes if necessary, but should not remain backstage
  • Teachers and class chaperones are present to help younger classes change shoes

Dismissal Procedure

Dance Discovery, Classes for Ages 3-4, 4-5 & 6-8

  • At the end of each act, all dancers in that act will take a bow
  • Dance Discovery, and classes for ages 3-4, 4-5 & 6-8 will be dismissed directly from the stage following bows
  • Please remain in your seats until your dancer’s class is announced, then proceed to the stage stairs on the left side of the theater


  • Tickets will be available for purchase online beginning May 1st
  • Tickets must be purchased before-hand
  • Each dancer receives 2 complimentary tickets included in their recital fee
  • Tickets will be exchanged for a wristband upon entry to allow attendees to come and go
  • Dancers do not need tickets

Ticket Prices

  • $15 Adult
  • $10 Child (under 18)
  • $10 Senior (over 60)
  • Kids under 3 free

Dancers: What to bring, what to wear

What to bring

  • Any and all Recital dance shoes
  • Any and all Recital costumes (if in multiple routines, please arrive wearing your first costume)
  • Any and all Recital tights and accessories
  • Water bottle

What to wear

  • Your first recital costume and tights if applicable
  • Hair and makeup completed
  • Arrive wearing street shoes, change to dance shoes after entering the theater
  • Undergarments must not be visible in costume
  • No additional jewelry or nail polish

Location and Parking

Flourish Fest will be held at Wheaton Academy (900 Prince Crossing Rd, West Chicago, IL 60185)
Ample parking is available directly to the west of the theater

Recital Show Order

Act 1

AP Ballet – B/C WedMs. Takara
9+ BalletMs. Dani
2-3 Dance DiscoveryMs. Abbey
AP Ballet – AMs. Takara
4-5 Jazz & TapMs. Dani
Parent & Tot (Walking – 3 years)Ms. Abbey
13+ Contemporary / JazzMs. Dani
AP Hip-Hop – AMr. Rich
9+ TapMr. Marty
Collective Hip-Hop – BMr. Rich
Variations – Kate, KiaraMs. Takara
Variations – SophiaMs. Takara
6-8 Hip-HopMs. Dani
AP Tap – BMr. Marty

Act 2

AP Jazz – A/BMr. Zada
6-8 Ballet & Jazz – Ballet DanceMs. Dani
4-5 Ballet & Tap – Tap DanceMs. Abbey
9+ Contemporary/ModernMr. Zada
AP Tap – AMr. Marty
6-8 Ballet & Jazz – Jazz DanceMs. Dani
13+ Hip-HopMs. Dani
4-5 Ballet & Tap – Ballet DanceMs. Abbey
Variations Jill, EllieMs. Takara
Variations JuliaMs. Takara
3-4 Hip-Hop & TapMs. Dani
AP Hip-Hop – BMr. Rich

Act 3

PointeMs. Takara
3-4 Ballet & Tap TAP DanceMs. Abbey
9+ Jazz & Hip-Hop – Jazz DanceMs. Dani
6-8 TapMr. Rich
AP Ballet – B/C SatMs. Takara
6-8 BalletMs. Abbey
9+ Jazz & Hip-Hop – Hip-Hop DanceMs. Dani
AP Tap Repertory – A/BMr. Marty
Variations AbbyMs. Takara
3-4 Ballet & Tap BALLET DanceMs. Abbey
Collective Hip-Hop AMr. Rich
4-5 Hip-HopMr. Rich
Collective Hailey Tap SoloMr. Marty
AP Modern / Contemporary A/BMr. Zada

Hair, Makeup and Costumes


  • Girls hair should be slicked back in a clean bun
  • Short hair may be worn down or slicked back
  • Boys hair should be tidy

Making a great looking bun is easy! Just follow this quick tutorial

Items Needed:

  • Hairnet
  • Bobby pins
  • Hairspray


Light stage makeup enhances the facial features and helps ensure faces are not washed out in the bright stage lights. While we do not endorse the use of makeup for young girls on a regular basis, stage makeup serves a specific purpose for dance performances and is highly encouraged.

Stage makeup is easy! Just follow this quick tutorial

Items Needed:

  • Foundation
  • Powder
  • Blush
  • Eyeliner 
  • Mascara
  • Lipstick


Costume Care

  • Care of costumes is the responsibility of dancers’ families and costumes are kept at dancers’ homes in the provided garment bag
  • Label all costumes, shoes, and accessories
  • DO NOT use an iron on the costume – If your costume has wrinkles, hang the costume in the bathroom during a hot shower with the fan off
  • DO NOT wash costumes in the washing machine – Dry clean only after recital if desired
  • Please do NOT allow the students to wear their costume(s) prior to Dress Rehearsal / Recital – accidents DO happen and there are no replacement costumes
  • Double check costumes and accessories prior to leaving the house


  • Tights are provided with costumes that require tights
  • Dancers should save the new pair of tights for Dress Rehearsal / Picture Day / Recital
  • Bring an extra pair of tights to recital in case of runs


  • Shoes are the same as required for classes
  • If your dancer needs new shoes, please order at the front desk by May 15th to ensure they arrive in time

Week-of Preparation

  • Double check all costumes, tights, accessories and shoes
  • It helps to keep each costume in a separate provided garment bag so accessories and tights don’t get mixed up
  • Notify us of any costume issues prior to dress rehearsal week

Dress Rehearsal and Picture Week

Mandatory Dress Rehearsal

Dress Rehearsal and Picture Week is June 4th – 9th at Flourish Dance Academy during the dancers’ regular class time.

  • Dancers should arrive to the studio at their regularly scheduled class time
  • Arrive with hair and makeup done in the costume of your first class
  • Dancers with multiple classes should bring the rest of their costumes for the day

Recital Pictures

Recital pictures are the perfect way to cherish memories of your dancer!

We offer beautiful, professional photos posed by our amazing instructors with options for digital download and prints. All dancers will have their pictures taken and you will have the choice to pre-order or purchase images online afterwards.

  • Group photo included with package purchase
  • Pre-order or order online afterwards (order forms available mid-May)
  • Easily purchase and order prints online

2-4 weeks after recital you will receive a link to view your dancer’s online gallery. From there you will be able to purchase digital downloads and order prints.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the show?

  • Saturday, June 11th at 3:00 pm at Wheaton Academy (900 Prince Crossing Rd. West Chicago, IL 60185)

When does my dancer need to be there?

  • Dancer check-in is 2:00-2:30 pm
  • Arrive wearing first costume, with hair and makeup completed
  • Bring all shoes and accessories

How long is the show?

  • The show is 3 acts long
  • Including intermissions, run time is under 3 hours

When is the mandatory dress rehearsal?

  • Dress Rehearsal / Picture Week takes place at Flourish Dance Academy during the dancers’ regular class schedule
  • Arrive wearing first costume, with hair and makeup completed
  • Bring all shoes and accessories

Do I need to buy tickets?

  • 2 complimentary tickets are included in your Spring Recital Fee
  • Dancers do not need tickets
  • Tickets can be purchased online starting May 1st

What does my dancer wear? 

  • Wear the costume provided (please double check all pieces and accessories)
  • Tights (if applicable) are provided with your dancer’s costume
  • Your dancer should wear the shoes they regularly wear for class

Can my dancer sit with me in the audience?

  • The show has 3 acts. If your dancer is NOT in that act, they can sit with you and watch the show! Before the act they ARE in, please bring your dancer to a designated check-in table in the downstairs area, and they will stay with a staff member backstage for the entirety of the show, and be released to you at that same check in table after the show.

What if my dancer has a clothing or shoe change? 

  • Parents are welcome to assist their dancer with costume changes, but should not remain in the dressing area
  • Staff will assist with shoe changes

Can I take pictures and videos during the show?

  • No flash photography during the show
  • Video taping is discouraged as the bright screen can be distracting to other audience members behind you

Does my dancer have to stay the whole show?

  • It is strongly encouraged and traditional for dancers to stay the whole show to watch and support their fellow dancers